Welcome to the story of Karen and Dietary Dilemma.  I am taking a wild guess in assuming you’re here because you or someone you care about has a daily battle with a dietary dilemma.  These may be allergies or sensitivities, or any kind of reaction, and these reactions may range from mild to severe, and even deadly.

Been There!

I get it!.  I’ve been through it too.  Some of these may be present at birth, develop at any age, worsen, or seemingly fade away.  But, do they ever disappear? I doubt it.

Really been there!

My experience with food sensitivities is broad and varied.  I have been dealing with all sorts of these issues for over 25 years.  I was dealing with the issues before then, I just wasn’t really aware of it, or admitting it. Personally, I have a gluten sensitivity, as well as potato, egg, dairy, and mushroom.  I have 3 kids with allergies or sensitivities, as well as anaphylaxis in a brother and my mother. My guy is diabetic with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Recently, I’ve also been caring for my ageing mother who has dysphagia. That is she cannot swallow. All of her food has to be pureed, with nothing thicker than pudding essentially. So, food issues continue.


If you are a parent, you will agree with me that seeing your child suffer, whatever the symptoms are, is heart-wrenching, frustrating, and leaves you feeling helpless.  Sometimes we may never really find out what the trigger is, and sometimes it is the simplest thing right under our noses.

I Can Help

I will help you with tips and techniques for discovering potential triggers. Also, I am able to assist with meal planning for multiple food issues within the home, grocery shopping ideas, and the dreaded dining out scenario.

Come on into my kitchen.  Let’s get started. I think the best place to begin is with the food issues we are already aware of and grow from there.